Mart Krijger

Mart Krijger

Born in the Netherlands, son of Dutch artist.
With a background of Jewelry designer,he started a new studio 12 years ago,to make his dream come true:

It started with Skull Art, original water buffalos, oryx, long horn skulls got
a second life, engravings were made, metallizing process, applications of exotic leather and crystals from Austria were added. Art panels were a new direction, a combination of handmade square parts made in 12 countries by more than 20 small enterprises, which make the panels unique.
His work are presented in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala
Lumpur, Dubai, St. Barth, UK, USA, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.
Recently he is working for several artists and galleries. His latest work: photographs with applications of gold leaf, stones, leather and jewelry parts.

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Hommage Nike Gold Dunk- Mart Krijger
Hommage Nike Silver Dunk- Mart Krijger
Hommage Nike Gold I- Mart Krijger
Hommage Nike Silver I- Mart Krijger
Hommage Nike Rosé- Mart Krijger