James Chiew

James Chiew

Experiment. Innovate. Create. Verbs that apply daily on artist James Chiew. His mixed media art forces him to seek for new boundaries. Moreover, he regularly exceeds boundaries to discover new limits. James’s choice of material is also outside the box. He combines acrylic paint, epoxy, wood, metal and even cowhide with photographic images and objects in a unique way. And with everything else that seems possible… His challenge is trying to do the impossible. ‘Either I will find a way or I will make one’ is James’s motto.

James was born in Singapore. As a gifted autodidact (he did not follow any design or art course) he and his family emigrated to The Netherlands when he was 17 years old. In the course of time he has developed into a professional art director and photographer. His constant impetus to creative expressions has turned him into the artist he is now. There is a lot of immersion in his artwork. James’s objets d’art contain multi layers literally and figuratively.

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Golden Apple Mona Lisa – James Chiew
Hollywood Sculpture Apple – James Chiew
Apple sculpture van Gogh – James Chiew
Apple sculpture Mickey black – James Chiew
Golden Apple Klimt – James Chiew
2021 LV Alma Mirror x-ray – James Chiew
2021 Montaigne JK van Gogh LV X-ray – James Chiew
2021 Hermes Courteur X-ray – James Chiew
2021 Hermes Birkin Rainbow X-ray – James Chiew
2021 Chanel Python gold X-ray – James Chiew
2021 Chanel Diamont X-ray – James Chiew
LV Art Pills – James Chiew
Richard Mille RM40 X-ray – James Chiew
Richard Mille RM21 X-ray – James Chiew
Rolex Daytona Cosmograph X-ray – James Chiew
Rolex Deep sea X-ray – James Chiew
Rolex GMT Master II X-ray – James Chiew
Rolex Submariner X-ray – James Chiew
LV supreme no18 X-ray killer – James Chiew
Chanel no 17 X-ray sexy toys – James Chiew
LV supreme no18 X-ray – James Chiew
LV toys no16 X-ray – James Chiew
Chanel no17 X-ray Killer – James Chiew
Chanel no16 X-ray lenticulair – James Chiew
Fashion Pills Silver- James Chiew
Golden Age Apple – James Chiew
LV Brown Art Pills – James Chiew
Chanel Black White Art Pills – James Chiew
Hermes 2020 X-ray lenticulair – James Chiew
LV 2020 X-ray lenticulair – James Chiew
Chanel 2021 X-ray lenticulair – James Chiew
Love X-ray lenticulair – James Chiew
Chanel White Fashion Pills – James Chiew
Chanel black Fashion Pills – James Chiew
Speed Pills – James Chiew
Fashion Pills – James Chiew