Chuck Coleman

Chuck Coleman

Born in 1963 in a small farming town of Oklahoma growing up as a farm boy for most of his childhood years, he knew there was something else out there so he requested a move to Germany through the military in 1985 and that’s where his love for photography was really born. He was shooting scenery to create memories and capture Europe while serving in the army. It wasn’t till another soldier asked Chuck to shoot his wedding that Chuck realized that he can focus on people. That gave him the biggest feeling of worth and to get paid on top of it was the icing on the cake.
Today Chuck shoots from a woman’s perspective translating human emotions into beautiful pieces of Art.

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Hero – Chuck Coleman
The black dress – Chuck Coleman
The Queens look – Chuck Coleman
The Temptation – Chuck Coleman
Lets go – Chuck Coleman
Waiting for you – Chuck Coleman
Wonderful – Chuck Coleman
Steampunk Lady – Chuck Coleman
The white dress – Chuck Coleman
Ultimate transport – Chuck Coleman
Lady in Red – Chuck Coleman