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True Love – Hans Jochem Bakker
Perfect Love – Hans Jochem Bakker
Dedication – Hans Jochem Bakker
Sparkling Taz – Zoey Meyer
Pooh & Tiger – Zoey Meyer
Tweety – Zoey Meyer
Sparkling Skull – Zoey Meyer
Candy Burberry Brown – Ad van Hassel
Candy Burberry Grey – Ad van Hassel
Candy I Love You – Ad van Hassel
Candy LV Black and Silver – Ad van Hassel
Circle splash – Francisco Bartus
Love V – Francisco Bartus
Tree of Life III – Francisco Bartus
Pink Panther II – Francisco Bartus
The bottle of Life – Mascha de Haas
The Pink Champagne – Mascha de Haas
The Fashion Bottle – Mascha de Haas
Jump III – Nuria Garcia Miro
Jump II – Nuria Garcia Miro
Jump I – Nuria Garcia Miro
Mrs Mouse – Micha Baker
Mr Mouse – Micha Baker
Let’s play – Micha Baker
Abbey rd IV – Micha Baker
Flower Mouse II – Micha Baker
Icon Mrs Joplin – Micha Baker
Icon Mr Kurt – Micha Baker
Love Square – Francisco Bartus
Mariposa – Francisco Bartus
Heart Splash – Francisco Bartus
Pink Panther I – Francisco Bartus
Mundo – Francisco Bartus
Famous – Francisco Bartus
Multi tree of life – Francisco Bartus
Circle of Life large – Francisco Bartus
Leilis- Madame Butterfly by Carolien Bosch
Fashion Explosion Lille – Madame Butterfly by Carolien Bosch
Silence is gold- Hans Jochem Bakker
My Story – Hans Jochem Bakker