Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

My whole life I’m inspired by the inner beauty of butterflies, their shapes,
their colors and their vulnerability.
For me as a taxidermist working with butterflies started as a hobby but over
the years it became my passion. With my love and eye for details I always
trying to bring the butterflies back to life translated to a beautiful story or
theme’s using the finest materials and the newest technics.
In spiritual meaning the butterfly stands for Change, Freedom, Love and
Transformation in the Quality of life.
Therefor its for me more then a privilege to work with them and turn their
stories into a artform back to life.

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Pure Blue- Madame Butterfly
Autumn II- Madame Butterfly
Autumn I- Madame Butterfly
Environment IV- Madame Butterfly
Environment III- Madame Butterfly
Environment II- Madame Butterfly
Environment I- Madame Butterfly