The paintings by Lincy Hoogveld (Herveld, the Netherlands) are mixed media works that were carved almost on the canvas as organic as a bas-relief, only ... they were painted. The artist succeeds, with these apparently heavy materials, to conjure up light-footed and fresh dream objects, in which the astonishment proves to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The characters she paints are warm idyllic figures, stylized and reduced to their essence, but provided with a number of - often round and somptuous - attributes that give them a dreamy, almost magical appearance. A bright color key ensures that these figures are not static statues but come fully to life and convey emotion. Where the material molds the characters into touchable individuals, the colors create an emotional palette that stimulates the senses with a warm atmosphere. Notwithstanding their full energy, they remain intimately simple, no matter how complex the layered structure of the works may be. It is precisely the combination of all these factors and the use of contrasting techniques, which creates a unique field of tension and balances the different elements of challenge and intimacy. Power, emotion, dreams, ... these are the parameters that Lincy uses, and it demands time and peace from the viewer to let them intensify.