The Dutch artist Herman Brood (1946-2001) was born on 5 November 1946 in the Fuchiastraat 34 in Zwolle and in everything he is a musician in his music, in his poems and especially in his paintings and silkscreen prints. His work speaks of a huge passion that he knows how to translate in form and color in a brilliant way thanks to his perfect control of the technique. The great interest in his work is a great stimulus for Herman Brood. Just as during the performances with his band, the interaction with the audience is an encouragement and a source of inspiration at the same time. Herman Brood works diligently, with paintbrushes, paints and spray cans over and over again in a hallucinogenic adventure from which he appears unchanged as a winner. He translates the countless impressions and experiences he has acquired in his turbulent life into art with a large K. Art for which the interest only increases because authenticity simply lets itself be recognized flawlessly. Herman Brood always chooses a tangible image, where the slogans remind you of a cartoon. The majority of his paintings and screen prints show what Herman Brood is all about: music, relationships, relaxation and love!